#BookReview: The Silent Patient byAlex Michaelides @CeladonBooks #thesilentpatient @AlexMichaelides #5STARS #psychologicalthriller


My Review:

Wow, I’m still reeling from that ending! A mindblowing, to-die for twist!

A fast read that kept me intrigued from beginning to end, although the shocker came at the end. Wait……wait……what just happened? This was how I felt as a read the last few chapters!

Alicia Berenson is such a mysterious, intriguing character and I was trying to figure her out the entire novel.  I kept asking myself, “What is up with Alicia?”  She is a famous, talented painter and happily married to her husband, Gabriel. They live in London and have a cozy life.

Why would Alicia murder him and then never speak again? You want to know, right? Well, I did and couldn’t stop reading until I found out. It is the feeling you have when you just have to know why!!

The novel is narrated by Alicia’s psychotherapist Theo Faber,  He is determined to “fix Alicia“.  I was so invested in learning what the circumstances of Alicia’s silence was and had to find out if Theo could save her.  Would she ever speak again?  READ IT NOW to find out!

I wasn’t going to read this one, and then requested it on NG and I’m really glad I did.  As you can tell, I really enjoyed it!

Thanks to Celadon/ NG for my arc. Book is out in Feb 2019



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