ad136839c6bc80d35a6f645301819cf1What I plan to read this week…

I’m finishing up K. L. Slater’s newest book The Secret and I’ve been glued to the pages (can’t wait to see what happens next. ). This is my 4th book by her and I’ve never been disappointed.  I also plan to read Believe Me by J P Delaney (buddy read with my besties) and The Disappearing by Lori Roy (Traveling Sister group read).  Good Luck with That by Kristin Higgins is next on my list and I’m really looking forward to a non-thriller LOL. My new Audible title is Class Reunions Can Be Murder (cozy) by Libby Klein and it is absolutely hilarious!!




What I finished…


What I received/ bought/ downloaded…


I’m going to try not to request any books in July and focus on reading from my tbr I’ve never tried this before and have no idea if this will be a success.  I will of course, have new books for blog tours and if any approvals come there (pending titles) and I will be getting a new Audible.  Have you’ll ever had a self imposed book ban?



  1. I’ve tried self-imposed bans before but none have been successful.All the best.

    Can’t wait to read the new Slater.I hope you liked Silent Sister,been seeing mixed reviews so far.

    Enjoy your week and happy reading 🙂

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    • Oooh the Slater book was so twisty and surprised me! Silent Sister was a bit repetitive, but I did enjoy the characters.


  2. My goal is to request only books by authors I love or series that I have started. I have several of the same books to read and need to get to Good Luck with That as well. Happy reading.

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  3. I just finished Ghosted last week and LOVED it! It was sooo good! And I just finished Believe Me and it was really good too..it was wild! I can’t wait to read The Winters; I think it will be fabulous! Enjoy your books! I’ve done self-imposed bans and been pretty good about them. I haven’t bought any books in the past couple of months unless they were my audible credits or I’d already preordered them. I banned myself from NetGalley last month and haven’t requested anything in a few weeks…I have 3 that are pending, so I’m waiting on those! If I get the 7 on my shelf read and reviewed then I might go crazy, but I sorta like having a ratio above 90% and not having a ton of ARCs that have to be read right now so I can read what I want! It is hard though!!

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    • I’ll have to check out your review for Ghosted. It looks really good and I’m excited to get to it! The Winters does sound interesting, but I’m glad I have some time before pub. date! I did have to pick my BOTM so I have actually picked books this month, but I’m trying so hard not to “surf” Netgalley or Amazon!


      • Lol, you’ll probably have the book read before my review is up! I think it’s scheduled to post on publication day (I haven’t even thought of writing it and am about 11 reviews behind for reviews coming up in the next 3 weeks). The Winters really does look good! Oh, I forgot about my BOTM! I’ve not gotten it the past 4 mths since I either had the book the offered or didn’t want the other. This month I had all of them except The Summer Wives, which I really want to read and for some reason thought I’d asked for, lol. I know! I broke down and requested 2 on Edelweiss yesterday but they don’t release until Jan and Feb and asked for on Netgalley that releases in Nov. I realized that I have no ARCs after Oct as of right now since I’venot been requesting any…that could be good for my personal TBR, but I hate to miss out on fall releases! It’s hard!!

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