Time For Reading

What I plan to read this week…

I am doing a buddy read with Laurie from Cozynookbks and we are reading The Perfect Nanny by Leila Slimini.  I’ve seen mixed reviews, but we are hoping for the best!  I am also reading The Hour Glass by Michelle Rene and Only the Rain by Randall Silvis. These are both Traveling Sister group reads.  I won’t be lonely reading this week!


What I finished…

I’ll be posting reviews this week.


What I bought/received/downloaded…



This year has been packed with lots of review books and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, but I think I have it under control for the most part.  Anyone finish an incredible book this week?  Please share!



  1. I hope that you and Laurie will enjoy The Perfect Nanny despite the mixed reviews. I also have a copy of Before I Let You and can’t wait to read it.

    I have been reading Everything is Lies by Hellen Callaghan.Its really good so far.

    Enjoy your books this week. Happy reading.

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