The Younger Wife by Sally Hepworth #BookReview #theyoungerwife @StMartinsPress @SallyHepworth

Not the wedding of your dreams!

New wife, new life?

I was into this one from the beginning, compulsively readable, as most of her novels are for me.

The novel opens with the wedding ceremony. A successful doctor, Stephen Aston is marrying a much, much younger women, Heather. Stephen’s two daughters are older than Heather! The daughters are leary of her. Tully thinks she looks like “a viper poised to strike.”

Ooh….. we have an uninvited wedding guest! Who also narrates the opening chapter.

We get the POV’s of all the women. This leads to a lot of secrets being revealed, heavy issues involving their personal anxieties and how they feel towards their parents. They aren’t the “normal” family as the father joked once saying, “That horse bolted for this family long ago.” I enjoyed the humor sprinkled here and there.

Now to that ending! I know exactly how I felt, but you may feel differently. Either way, it is very dramatic and may lead to some engaging conversations.

OUT April 5, 2022



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