Circus of Wonders by Elizabeth Mcneal #BookReview @AtriaBooks #circusofwonders

Nell was sold to Jasper Jupiter’s Circus of Wonders.

She is the “leopard girl”.

A circus of the unusual – many acts were referred to as “freak shows”. They attracted crowds who wanted to gawk at people because of birthmarks or other abnormalities. During the 1860’s in Victorian England, the audience was obsessed with this type of entertainment that peddled physical differences for amusement. It brought in big money. The villages were struck with “circus fever”and the “giants and dwarfs, pig-headed boys and bear-girls”.

A captivating story that follows Nell and her “journey”.

There is jealousy, horror, power-struggles, identity crisis, family issues, brothers that have past ties and broken dreams.

Recommend to those who enjoy the circus setting, Historical/Literary Fiction, complex plots and a touch of fantasy or fairytale-ish stories. I felt some sadness, although there was also a ray of hope.

Thanks to NG and Atria for my early copy. OUT February 1, 2022




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