The Catch by T.M. Logan #BookReview @ZaffreBooks @TMLoganAuthor #TheCatchNovel

It is a countdown to the wedding and Ed is determined to make sure his daughter, Abby, is getting “the catch” she thinks she is!!

This father of the bride has some bad vibes about his 23 year old daughter’s fiance, Ryan. He starts “googling” on Ryan because he just can’t shake the feeling. When he looks at Ryan, his eyes are like “points of darkness”.

11 days to the wedding…..

Nothing is adding up, someone turns up dead, and time is ticking!

6 days to the wedding…..

Ed snoops some more, he finds some questionable pictures, he even checks out Ryan’s bookshelves!! What does he read?

The closer the wedding date, the harder it was to put this one down! Ed (the ultimate helicopter dad) was such an endearing character. His dark humor had me laughing out loud at his obsessive behavior.

Highly engaging, fast paced and all the crazy train madness. An excellent, entertaining psychological thriller. Thanks to Jayne for recommending this one!

Library loan/ Read in October 2021



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