We Were Never Here by Andrea Bartz #BookReview #WeWereNeverHere #ReesesBookClub @andibartz

Ride or die!

Kristen and Emily, drop everything for six months of wanderlust. They travel to Chile and Cambodia and meet up with two very unlucky backpackers.

There are in a little situation…. they need to pull it together quick, think, no one at the hotel speaks English. They think about acting it out, showing their injuries, no, that won’t work!

They need to hide the body, what have they done? They are off to bury a body (or two)… “Hi ho, Hi ho….”

This was one crazy, catch me if you can, roller-coaster, topsy-turvy, don’t forget to breathe ride for me! I was glued to every page. I was stuck in Emily’s anxiety filled head, but she had a lot on her mind so that was just fine! She needed to know if her bestie was a bit murdery! Perfectly understandable.

It was a nerve twisting page-turner filled with many cliffs to go over. Thought-provoking and a chilling with some added dark humor.

Reese’s August Book Club Pick / Purchased Copy / Read in Sept. 2021



    • I purchased this one along with six more! I went on a bit of a book shopping spree! Sometimes it is just nice to hold a brand new book. I hope you enjoy as much as I did Marialyce!


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