Cackle by Rachel Harrison #Bookreview @BerkleyPub #Cackle

Hocus Pocus

This one has more giggles than screams, so no need to be frightened! Maybe a few goosebumps!

The story is about Annie finding her true self after a twelve year long break-up with her boyfriend, Sam.

Annie moves to a small village and meets a charming unconvential friend, Sophie. Her home is enormous, beautiful and as enchanting as she is. They become good friends. They spend time together drinking tea, playing dress-up, trying on her collection of hats, making caramel apples and watching documentaries on Netflix.

There is also some magic and sweet creatures, but its focused on friendship, building self confidence and living your best life!

Its a sweet read, a bit juvenile (except a few curse words) and I would call it a witchy fairytale or cozy witch story.

If your in the mood for something unique and make your spidey senses tingle. This may be your cup of tea!

OUT October 5, 2021



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