#BookReview: The Other Mrs. Miller by Allison Dickson @MsAllieD @PutnamBooks #TheOtherMrs.Miller #thriller #mystery



My Review:

Phoebe enjoys the quiet ease of a “shut-in” lifestyle.

She is an heiress after all, she can do what she wants.

That is until this annoying little beat up blue car starts parking down her block in the same spot. This is Lake Forest Drive and those types of cars don’t belong on her street.

Why can’t she get a good look at the driver?

Then some new neighbors move in, more reasons for her to peer out the window. A typical day monitoring the street with a full wine glass in hand. She isn’t a complete hermit though, when the doorbell rings, she prepares herself to play “well-adjusted” human.

Let the masquerade begin….

So many twists and turns that I could barely keep up and had a dizzying affect! A clever domestic thriller with a high dose of crazy- its out there.

Can the real villain please stand up?


Book Description:


Two women are watching each other.

Phoebe Miller isn’t sure when the rusty car started showing up in the cul-de-sac she calls home, or why its driver would be spying on her. What could be interesting about an unhappy housewife who drowns her sorrows in ice cream and wine and barely leaves her house?

Only one knows why.

When a new family moves in across the street–the exuberant Vicki, who just might become the gossipy best friend Phoebe’s always wanted, and her handsome college-bound son, Jake, who offers companionship of a different variety–Phoebe finds her dull routine infused with the excitement she’s been missing. But with her head turned she’s no longer focused on the woman in the car. And she really should be…

An addictive domestic thriller for fans of The Last Mrs. Parrishand The Couple Next Door, The Other Mrs. Miller serves up a delicious brew of dark secrets and stunning plot twists that will keep you captivated until the very last page.



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