#BookReview: The Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand


My Review:

There were so many things that I enjoyed listening to this one (Audible). The setting was just dreamy-beach side in Nantucket with the sunny atmosphere. The characters were fun and relatable with some side notes of a little bit soap-opera inspired (which works in this story).

I loved that one of the main characters is an acclaimed mystery writer. She finds herself smack in the middle of a real life murder mystery. I kept wondering if her “skills” could possibly help her solve this murder or perhaps she was involved. Questions, questions……

It took me awhile to finish the book due to saving it for my car trips. It entertained me and I was enjoying different narrators.

I was a little disappointed in the end. Although it was satisfying, I was left a bit underwhelmed. Like oh…..that is what happened! 4 STARS from me.

Book Description:

It’s wedding season on Nantucket. The beautiful island is overrun with summer people–an annual source of aggravation for year-round residents. And that’s not the only tension brewing offshore. When one lavish wedding ends in disaster before it can even begin–with the bride-to-be discovered dead in Nantucket Harbor just hours before the ceremony–everyone in the wedding party is suddenly a suspect. As Chief of Police Ed Kapenash digs into the best man, the maid of honor, the groom’s famous mystery novelist mother, and even a member of his own family, the chief discovers that every wedding is a minefield–and no couple is perfect.



  1. I just hate it when a book is good right up until the very end – it’s so disappointing. Conversely, I’m not into surprise shock ending either. LOL! Maybe it’s consistency that I’m after? Love your review Holly!


  2. Great review, Holly! I haven’t read anything by Elin Hilderbrand, but her books are on my tbr. I just checked OverDrive to see if this one was listed. It was. Surprisingly, it was available for download. It’s now on my phone… planning to listen to it next week. 😀

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  3. Great review! I love Hilderbrand’s books and this was a fave; funny though I can’t remember the ending, lol. I read it as an ARC so maybe that’s why…so many books read in between and summer seems so long ago even if it still feels like summer here in NC, LOL!

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