#BookReview: Educated by Tara Westover @tarawestover @randomhouse #memoir @audible_com


My Review:

This was impossible to put down! I usually save my audio books for my car trips, but I found myself listening to this one at home. A story about Tara and her childhood growing up in a Mormon family. Her father was a survivalist and thought the world might end at any moment!

Their family home was situated in the shadow of Buck Peak mountain and they lived in poverty. Tara and her six siblings endured much pain under the volatile father and one brother who proved to be quite dangerous. The mother seemed to be in denial and turned the other cheek time and again.

Tara never attended school until the age of 17. She endured so much pain growing up with such a demanding and out of touch father. I was shocked at some of the life threatening situations she endured by having to work in her fathers metal scrapping business. The accidents were horrific.

Lots of reviews on this one, I thought it was both shocking and uplifting to read how Tara was able to pull herself out of the family chaos and become a successful woman.

Thanks to NG for my arc. I was able to read along with the audio. Thanks to Audible.

I now I was late to the party, but I just loved the story.

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