#BookReview: Under My Skin by Lisa Unger

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My Review:

I have enjoyed a few of Lisa Unger’s novels and I was really looking forward to this one. This one is about Poppy, who is searching for her husband’s killer.

It has been a year since her husband was murdered while on his morning jog, and Poppy is struggling to make sense of it. She is determined to get answers. As she dreams/has nightmares she can’t seem to reconcile if they are actually “memories” of events that could be helpful in solving his murder. She is also downing sleeping pills that blur her sense of what is real.

I thought Poppy was quite an unreliable narrator and her life was a jigsaw puzzle that she couldn’t seem to put together. There is some suspense and a few mysterious characters that kept me guessing and wondering what was real. I enjoyed the writing, but the story line became a bit tiresome for me.

This was a quick read for me with enough suspense to keep me turning pages to find out what exactly was “real”.


From Harlequin/Publishes Oct. 2, 2018

Book Description:


What if the nightmares are actually memories?

It’s been a year since Poppy’s husband, Jack, was brutally murdered during his morning run through Manhattan’s Riverside Park. In the immediate aftermath, Poppy spiraled into an oblivion of grief, disappearing for several days only to turn up ragged and confused wearing a tight red dress she didn’t recognize. What happened to Poppy during those lost days? And more importantly, what happened to Jack?

The case was never solved, and Poppy has finally begun to move on. But those lost days have never stopped haunting her. Poppy starts having nightmares and blackouts–there are periods of time she can’t remember, and she’s unable to tell the difference between what is real and what she’s imagining. When she begins to sense that someone is following her, Poppy is plunged into a game of cat and mouse, determined to unravel the mystery around her husband’s death. But can she handle the truth about what really happened?






  1. After reading your first line, I though “Uh oh” but as I continued, I see that you enjoyed this one. I have this one to read and am looking forward to getting to it now that I have read your review. It sound like just enough mystery and twists to keep me interested. Good review Holly.

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  2. Nice honest review. I’ve read a few by Lisa Unger as well and enjoyed them. Sounds like this one may not be up to par. Fortunately, it isn’t a series, so if I pass it by, I won’t be missing anything story wise. 🙂


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