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Madeleine Editions Presents

~The Taste of a Strawberry~

Raising multilingual, multicultural children through Tales in Music

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Book Description:

Tales in Music for children 3 to 7, in English, Chinese, French editions

An innovative concept for raising multilingual, multicultural children.

TALES IN MUSIC: magical books with narration, music, and moving pictures.

Once upon a late spring in Italy, a strawberry farmer’s strawberries grew red and ripe …
A modern fable for ice-cream lovers!

Each Tale in Music is a collaboration between writer, musician, and illustrator, a magic book with beautiful sound and moving pictures. Available in English, Chinese, and French editions, Madeleine Editions help children 3~7 cultivate an ear for languages and a taste for the creative arts during this crucial time in their lives.

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My Review:

As a certified teacher of early childhood learners and second language learners, I was thrilled when given the chance to review this magical and irresistible story!  I adore how the story comes to life with the whimsical illustrations and the music to accompany the narration.  Research shows that reading aloud is key to introducing children to an extensive vocabulary, grammar and comprehension skills at an early age. What a brilliant way to appeal to children’s visual and auditory learning modes.

Children’s interest will be sparked with the strawberry theme! I’m certain they will ask to hear this fruity tale over and over.  A wonderful opportunity to teach a child to “listen” which is essential for becoming good readers. An added bonus is the exposure to other languages that your child can enjoy listening to as well as their native language. I also enjoyed how you can “pause” between the pages to point out and discuss the details on each page.

It also comes with a downloadable recipe for strawberry gelato! Yum! Couldn’t be any sweeter!

If you have children between 3-5 years old, this will surely be a hit!




You can check out the adorable pictures and text in this video excerpt:

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