51252eb99d802852723a4a2211e21ca9 (1)What I plan to read this week…

I’m planning on reading Guilty Little Secrets by Rona Halsall for an upcoming blog tour. I also want to read something in another genre (not sure just yet though).  I may pick a romance or a cozy.  Don’t you love a different genre for a little change of pace?  Happy reading friends!





What I finished…



What I bought/received/downloaded…



I can’t believe July is almost over!  August is just around the corner.  We’ve had a heat wave here in Texas and its been around 110 all week! My favorite place to read is on our covered patio in the backyard, but it has been too hot this week (even with the ceiling fans).  Do you”ll have a favorite reading spot?



  1. Sorry to hear about the heat. I can’t imagine how hot that is. The hottest it gets here is around 40 degrees. Right now its the coldest that it has ever been but its 11degrees though everything is dumb. For now, reading under the cover is what I have been doing. I hope the heat passes soon over there so that you can reclaim your spot 🙂

    Enjoy your books this week Holly. Happy reading 🙂

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  2. Oh first time I see this novel Lilli the Jong so extra interested ;-). I still have to read An Unwanted Guest, I can hardly wait :-). Wow I just converted your degrees and that’s 43°C which is unbelievably hot! We’re having a heatwave here too, temperatures that we’re not used to, but it’s ‘only’ 86 degrees Fahrenheit and already it is causing so many problems here.. people are already prohibited to use water outside (no washing cars, filling pools, watering plants) and they are worried now that there will not be enough water supply if this warm weather continues much longer. Happy reading Holly!

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    • Lilli de Jong was so fascinating and I loved it! Yea, the heat is just awful. I did give the dogs a bath with the hose one day just so I could get wet!

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    • Yes! I only need some more time with fewer interruptions Sandy! Hope you’re reading a 5 star!!!


  3. Gosh, Holls, that is hot! I like to read outside on my sunporch. I cheat and use a portable a/c in the summer out there, and it works in the mornings and evenings on the hottest days at least. Your reads look great! I’m looking forward to what you think of The Affair!

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    • I hope it is good (tour book)! I’ve been reading Guilty Little Secrets and Loving it! I want an AC for my patio! I’m going to request one LOL We do have an outdoor TV, but I usually mute it (cause I’m always reading). hahaha

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