a0adaeb0314d848387e266644bab3937 (1)What I plan to read this week…

I am finishing The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware (started it on Friday).  I also plan to read The Thinnest Air by Minka Kent (buddy reading) and The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager (also a buddy read).  I also found out that Mr. Sager is coming to a bookstore in Houston, Tx on July 9th! It is the cutest book store called Murder by the Book.  They have a wonderful author calendar with many of my favorite authors scheduled.


What I finished…




What I bought / received/ downloaded…



~Murder by the Book Store~



  1. I want to come meet Sager, lol! And I love that bookstore…what a fantastic name! I just finished The Last Time I Lied and loved it, 5 stars for me, but I know you didn’t like Final Girls which was one of my favorite books of 2017. I hope you have better luck with TLTIL!! It’s not like Final Girls if that helps. I can’t wait to hear your thought on Something in the Water. I just downloaded it on audible, but I have about 20 other audiobooks to listen to, so I’m not sure when I’ll get to it!! Enjoy!! Happy reading!🙂

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    • Isn’t it a cozy store. I actually never read Final Girls. It sounded too scary for me 😅but I am getting braver! Yes si excited to meet the author. I am also listening to Something ….Water via Audible. Isnt the narrator incredible?!


      • Very cozy! I remembered you didn’t read Final Girls, so I should have word that differently! Sorry about that!! It wasn’t graphic if I remember right! Much less scary than Jar of Hearts for sure, so you probably could read it now….you are getting braver if you just read Hearts, lol. I’ve not started Something in the Water yet..I just downloaded it…I had 8 credits saved up, Haha! I’m still listening to The Wedding Date but should finish today or tomorrow. But I listened to the sample of it because I hate bad narrators and she’s fantastic!! I can’t wait to listen to it. But I’m not sure which audiobook to listen to next…I have so many I had to put my audible membership on hold until I catch up!

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      • It’s really good! Nice when you want a romantic, light feel good read! Hmmm, maybe I should try The Best Day ever on audio because I read it as an ARC and gave it 2 stars. I was in the minority with that book…

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    • Wow! How cool would that be…I plan on meeting another Bookstagramer in July! Oh I missed Ruth Ware was there last weekend 😅😅but I wasn’t aware until too late. And Im reading her book!

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  2. You are so lucky to have a wonderful bookstore like that. I just went to check out Riley Sager. I had not heard of him before, but might check one out. I am not a horror reader, but this looks more thriller. I just got approved for The Date. I had been pending for a long time. You have a few listed here that I want to read. I will watch for your reviews.

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    • I’m so happy to have discovered it Carla. It is an hour drive, but not too bad! This will be my first Sager book. I really don’t read horror type either, but I want to read another Stephen King soon. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on The Date….love Louise Jensen. My friend was denied (I think they had a bunch of requests perhaps).

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  3. I got a copy of The Silent Sister as well! I love her thrillers so I’m really excited about that one. And The Date! ❤ I hope you'll have a wonderful week.

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