#BookReview: Bring Me Back by @BAParisAuthor @StMartinsPress

35857495~My Review~

Russia, Russia, Russian Dolls….

It seemed like an invasion of the Russian dolls!  I may need my own set now as the characters really seemed to enjoy them (really??!!)

This one starts off with a bang!  I was totally creeped out by the truck rest stop (I’ve always found them creepy, especially at night).  And when Finn finds his girlfriend Layla has vanished from their car, I was on the edge of my seat. Ooh…..surrounded by spooky woods too!

As the plot thickens, I was intrigued to find out how things would resolve.  The dolls seemed to be showing up everywhere and seemed to be like a character in the story (yes, please).  I was questioning everything and curious to find out. This made it an addictive read.

I will say the story seemed to lose steam in the final chapters and the ending was off the rails (in my opinion).  Still enjoyed it immensely and I think fans of this author will too!




  1. I have been looking forward to reading this one. The premise sounds great, the rest stop, missing girl and the dolls, spooky. Glad that you enjoyed it though despite the ending.Great review.

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  2. Ashley and I are going to start this at the beginning of June as a buddy-read.
    I’ll definitely get back to your review once I’ve finished the book!! ❤

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  3. Are those the dogs that stack into each other? Or am I thinking of something completely different? Lovely review as always!😍

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  4. No matter how many people I hear saying about the ending I still want to just try. Honestly I never learn!!! Saying that, going to continue to tell everyone about The Breakdown. Loved that book!

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    • The Breakdown was a 5 STAR for me (Loved) This one is still worth the read (and yea you need to find out how you’ll feel about THAT ending) lol

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  5. I’m so glad that you posted your review, because now I can talk about this book! I TOTALLY agree, the book started very strong and then the 2nd half wasn’t as engaging as the first. Great review!

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