Reading This Week

55cafca47d1c4e3b33f37b854ff4b903What I plan to read this week…

I just started The Perfect Roommate by Minka Kent and I’m already loving it (just a few chapters in)!  I also plan on reading What Lies Below by Barbara Taylor Sissel and I’m sure I’ll add something else toward the end of the week. I’m such a mood reader that I like to leave space for a “moody read.”



What I finished…



What I bought/received/downloaded…


Now that the killer has been caught, I couldn’t resist buying the book, I’ll Be Gone in The Dark about the Golden State Killer.  I’m sure I’ll have to read it in during the day because I’ll be on edge.  On a lighter note, The Not So Perfect Mother sounds safe!  Are you going dark or light this week?



  1. Holly, I picked up I’ll be Gone In the Dark from the library right before I left town but I have about 6 review books to read so I have no idea what I was thinking?! ha. I’ll probably be buying it because it will need to go back unread. I’ve been warned to not read it when alone and never at night…Eek!

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    • I did check the library (queue is 45) so I thought..what the heck, now I can read as I please. I need to stop requesting. lol


  2. I am planning on reading the book on the Golden State Killer. I grew up in California and remember the fear and terror of worrying about this person breaking into our house. So glad he was caught. I also downloded Jensen’s newest book. I really like her writing style.

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    • Oh how scary Stacey! I’m thrilled he got caught and I hope they lock him up forever. I’ve heard the book is unputdownable. I also love Jensen. I requested it before I even read the description! I think we are fans!

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    • Wow! I think everyone wants to read it now that the killer is behind bars (thanks goodness). I haven’t seen the special, but I did hear about a podcast and I found that (haven’t had time to check it out though). I think I’ll try and read it in June!

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  3. That would be great Jennifer! Let me check my little calendar to see which week is best. Definitely not the first two weeks though…..crazy! And we have a new baby coming (not me)…..yay

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  4. I plan on reading What Lies Below sometime next week. I hope that we will both enjoy it. I also got a copy of The Date. Bring Me Back and The Other Woman are on my TBR. I hope that you enjoyed both.

    Enjoy your books this week. Happy reading 😉


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