#Reading This Week

5cbabb7e9bb3de9b0b4a8cfa5f53ffa4What I plan to read this week…

The sun has been shining all weekend and my fingers are crossed it continues this week.  My favorite reading spot is outside on our back patio and I do love a sunny day!  I started B.A. Paris’ newest book, Bring Her Back over the weekend and so far so good. I also have My Sweet Friend by H.A. Leuschel and The Other Woman by Sandie Jones.  I’ve been in a bit of a slump with a bunch of mediocre reads and I feel like these will all be fantastic.  I’ll be doing a post of all my latest so so reads later in the week.



What I finished this week…

These two were the polar opposite…


What I bought/ received/purchased this week…


Hope everyone has a fabulous reading week!



  1. Curious to know what you thought about Baby Teeth. I will definitely look out for your review. Glad that you are enjoying Bring Her Back. Its on my TBR so can’t wait to read it soon.

    Enjoy your books this week. Happy reading 🙂

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  2. I have My Perfect Friend as well, are you on the blog tour for that?
    Have a lovely week! We actually have some gloomy weather and good old sunny Southern California ATM 💜

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    • She is a fantastic author for sure! I have her newest as well- The Dream Daughter (sounds so good)


  3. Necessary Lies is wonderful! I hope you enjoy it! Baby Teeth didn’t work for me although I did think the writing was very well done; it was a DNF for me. I can’t wait to read My Perfect Friend! 🙂

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    • Baby Teeth was really “out there” LOL I’ve barely started My Sweet Friend and already hooked.


      • Yes…that is a good way to describe it, lol. Maybe because I have a 7 yr old daughter, I just wasn’t a good fit with the book, idk. Just too creepy for me! Oh good!! Excited for that one! I got really behind reading my ARCs while on vacation and need to catch up, but I’ll definitely have to move My Sweet Friend up!

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  4. I’ve seen lots of mixed reviews on Bring Her Back, but I’m still looking forward to giving it a try. I’ve seen nothing but good things about My Sweet Friend, though, and really hope it comes to my library sometime soon.


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