#BookReview: Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney @alicewriterland @Flatironbooks

34275231My Review…

A main character who is in a coma and sometimes lies. I’m all in!

Quite a spellbinding read from start to finish. We are not sure how Amber ended up in the hospital in this coma , but she does admit that sometimes she lies. This was like a puzzle and I was trying to put the pieces together, but couldn’t entirely trust all the pieces. Very cleverly written and I loved hearing what Amber was thinking while in this coma sizing up everyone in the room and giving us her insight. There was so much going on, I had to hold my breath too keep up.

The narrative switches from Now (in coma) to Then (before the coma). I loved trying to figure out what the lies were and who to trust. It is super twisty and just when you think you have it figured out another twist flies your way. A fast read for me because I needed to find out what was going on.

The ending was my favorite part because it leaves you questioning yourself and if you perhaps missed anything. I have a theory, but I am still questioning myself. Just read it and see what you think . Just plain fun….

5 STARS ~ Anxiously awaiting her next book titled Sometimes I Kill!

Book Description…

My name is Amber Reynolds. There are three things you should know about me: 
1. I’m in a coma. 
2. My husband doesn’t love me anymore. 
3. Sometimes I lie. 

Amber wakes up in a hospital. She can’t move. She can’t speak. She can’t open her eyes. She can hear everyone around her, but they have no idea. Amber doesn’t remember what happened, but she has a suspicion her husband had something to do with it. Alternating between her paralyzed present, the week before her accident, and a series of childhood diaries from twenty years ago, this brilliant psychological thriller asks: Is something really a lie if you believe it’s the truth?





    • I thought for awhile that it could be, but now I think it will be a totally different book! I’m looking forward to its release. Thanks Abby!


  1. I started this one once and for some reason couldn’t get into it. Then I accidentally read a review that had a spoiler in it (though I’m not sure if it was a little twist or a major twist), so I’m not sure if I’ll pick it up again. This review kind of made me want to, though!

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    • I read it with a group, so we were guessing throughout! The ending is also a twist. You may just need a thriller break Stephanie.

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