Time for Reading

55cafca47d1c4e3b33f37b854ff4b903What I’m planning to read this week…

I finished Rust and Stardust by T.Greenwood in less than 2 days! It was an emotional book, but I couldn’t put it down and I just had to know what happened.  I read The Tea Girl and Bone Curse over the past 2 weeks.  This past weekend I started listening to Tangerine by Christine Mangan on Audio. These usually take me a couple of weeks to finish. The Darkling Bride by Laura Anderson is also on my list this week (reviews I’ve read haven’t been good) so fingers are crossed.

What I finished…


What I bought/ received/ downloaded…


Hope everyone has an amazing week!



  1. I’m getting Tangerine from the library, I am number 4 on the wait list. Seems like I can’t pay attention to audio books so I just get it hardcover or via Kindle. Tangerine has a cool cover.

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    • I bought the kindle version as I was also so distracted with the audio. Although I liked the narrators! But, sadly I’m still struggling. I’m at 50% so not sure if I’ll set aside for a bit 😂


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