#BookReview: Tree Soldier by Sarah M. Flores #childrens #picturebook #rhyming @GiveGoodWriting

37502554My review…

A wonderful spring-board for parents, teachers, and caretakers to discuss family values.

Billy is wishing for more toys to bring him happiness when he steps outside and his imagination blossoms. A grand old tree comes to life and they walk along the streets through the neighborhood and get a peek inside homes big and small.  The wise tree helps open Billy’s eyes and heart.  He concludes that it is not the size of your home or the amount of one’s possessions, but the love for one another that brings true happiness.

Told in rhyming text with delightful illustrations, this one will offer many learning opportunities. 5 Stars!

Book Description…

Billy isn’t happy with his house or his toys until an enchanted tree takes him on a journey that will forever change the way he views happiness.


Tree Soldier is a charming rhyming story, with beautiful and glowing illustrations, that shows children that spending time with family is more meaningful than a big home overflowing with toys.



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