Time For Reading

What I’m planning on reading this week…

I have already started reading The Neighbors by Hannah Mary McKinnon and The Beloveds by Maureen Lindley.  I’m really enjoying both of them so far. Next up will be The Ocean Liner by Marius Gabriel. This is a historical fiction about two cousins who board a luxury liner The SS Manhattan bound for New York to escape the concentration camps, but they are in for a rough ride. I also picked up The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld from my Library hold (I can only hope I finish it before I have to return it).


What I finished…





What I received/downloaded/purchased…


Have a wonderful week everyone!






  1. Sounds like a good reading week Holly! The Ocean Liner sounds really good – I’m going to look into that one. Hope you enjoy the Child Finder as much as I did! 😊💕💜

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    • Thanks Lindsay! I’m hoping Ocean Liner is better than some reviews I’ve seen. I’m so curious about Child Finder. It has been a library hold for me about 9 months!


  2. I just finished The Other Woman and read I Am Watching You earlier this year – both really enjoyable books! I hope you like them!

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    • I’ve only heard good things Stephanie! And the reviews on Amazon look high as well! Let me know how you like Kindle Unlimited.

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