#BookReview: The Visitor by K.L. Slater @KimLSlater @bookouture

36987406My Review…

Grab your coffee and get ready for a completely entertaining and captivating novel!

K.L. Slater has become one of my favorite authors that I can depend on for a great story with some jaw dropping twists and a satisfying end! This is my favorite type of psychological thriller. Just plain fun. I never have to worry about overly graphic scenes or gory descriptions with her novels.

This one is well plotted with interesting characters.  I wouldn’t say it is fast-paced or unputdownable , BUT it is one that held my interest and I looked forward to picking it up.  It was like watching an addictive series that you couldn’t wait to get back too.  I liked the build up of the suspense and the atmospheric tension and anxiety that were a tease to continue.

Alternating POV from the two main characters worked beautifully and I was trying to decide between the two of them just which one would drop the ball first! I had sympathy for both of them for different reasons, but I also wanted to scream at both of them at various times.  I could feel that something bad was going to happen, but couldn’t figure out what it was.  I wasn’t able to guess the ending and believe me I was trying, but I didn’t know which way to look! That’s my definition of a great twist.

If you enjoy getting into the minds of some twisted characters (including the creepy) and trying to figure out which shoe will drop next, you should give this one a go!  Loved it!

Thanks to Netgalley for my ARC.











  1. Oooh, you reeled me in with that first paragraph. I’m so glad to hear you had so much fun with this! It sounds deliciously twisty and love that the alternating POVs keep you guessing. Great review!

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  2. Holly fabulous review! I also did not see any of those twists read some reviews that it was predictable, but not to me!💕📚

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