#BookReview: Only The Rain by Randall Silvis @randallsilvis #Thomas & Mercer

When it rains, it pours!

Beautiful writing and a suspenseful pace that is simply spellbinding.  5 STARS!!

I loved this author’s storytelling and characterization that had me emotionally involved in this story.  I was experiencing feelings about what I might have done or how I may have acted or reacted to the same situation.  I found myself asking many questions about this dilemma that the main character Russell set in motion. It takes a special skill to provoke so emotion in the reader (me)!

A rainy day that won’t be forgotten…

Russell has just been fired and he has no savings, could Russell’s day get any worse? He has two young daughters and a wife expecting a third.  They depend on him for financial security.  He is determined not to let them down. He is a family man!

He is on his way home wondering how he is going to break the news to his wife. He is speeding along on his motorcycle in the pouring rain with the weight of his predicament on his shoulders.  He passes a cottage and sees a naked lady out dancing in the rain without a care.  He passes by, but something doesn’t feel right so he decides to go back.  Doesn’t that seem like the “right” thing to do? The actions and decisions he soon makes will start to spiral out of control.

He can’t take what he did back. Why didn’t he just look the other way? Keep his eye on the road?

If you’re like me and love suspense novels that offer “moral” choices and let you into the “mind” of the character, you will devour this one quickly!






  1. wow, this sounds good and I love the fact that you were able to emotionally connect with what was happening in the story. A naked lady dancing in the rain.,… I am already trying to think about what I would have done in that situation.

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