Time For Reading

415f70c7b56d7625ac22d2f4c2255bd8What I’ve been reading and plan to read this week…

I have already started She Regrets Nothing by Andrea Dunlap and Need To Know by Karen Cleveland.  They are very different which I’m thrilled about after reading 3 books about liars last week!  She Regrets is more of a scandalous chick-lit, fluffy read and Need To Know started with a bang and has Russian spies so I’m hooked!  I’m also planning to start Fractured by Catherine McKenzie, Keep Her Safe by K. A. Tucker and maybe squeeze in one more (a library book please).  I ended up with quite a few books I needed to read this month.

What I finished…


What I bought/downloaded/received…


I’ve been feeling the need to read some other genres lately, although I know I’ll always want my thriller fix close by.  I’ve had a hard time getting through my audio books so I’m going to try to listen and read (which I’ve never done).  Finished my first Stephen King book (1000 + pages)!  Thanks to my Instagram reading buddies.

Has anyone read any of my new titles?

Happy reading bookish friends…


    • It does and I thought so too Ova! I think I might be attracted to circus settings. I also have The Orphan Tale and The Night Circus on my list.


    • It was OK. I liked it, didn’t love it. A bit too long for the story and a too much “soap-opera” ish. In my opinion at least. Hope you like it more!

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  1. I am also starting Fractured this week. How did you like All the Beautiful Lies? I started it but it didn’t keep my interest. I may return to it. How did you like the Stephen King book? Wasn’t it your first King read?

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    • I loved All The Beautiful Lies. It held my attention and had lots of twists, but not all in the group cared for it. Yes, my first King book. It was too long I think, but I enjoyed the plot line, not so much the ending though. I really want to read Misery. Loved that creepy movie!


  2. I hope that you enjoyed Killman Creek. I haven’t read the other titles on this post though I am intrigued by the perfect nanny’s. Your upcoming books are so diverse. I hope that you enjoy them all. Happy reading 🙂

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    • Yes Diana! I’m excited to read all these. I did like Killman Creek, but I liked the first one more! My fingers are crossed for The Perfect Nanny…seen mixed reviews on it.


      • Ah, thank you, but I’m certainly not fishing. No worries at all if you don’t get to it. I know what it’s like to have a backlog of books, and I’m not even a formal reviewer like you. I try to read a lot of books by my author acquaintances, but it’s impossible to keep up. Plus, there are so many new books by the bigwig authors out there that I want to read, many that I’ve seen on your blog. I feel I barely make a dent in getting through them. Then again, it’s a great problem to have because books are so awesome!

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      • No worries Carrie! Yea, the backlog for Jan/Feb is overwhelming, but like you said still awesome! I don’t want to miss out on anything…..

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  3. Congrats on finishing Under the Dome…and you’re first Stephen King! I’m hoping to read that one this year. I read It last summer, and highly recommend it.

    I have All the Beautiful Lies in my galley pile, and hope to get to it soon. A Darkness Absolute has a great cover, so I’m off to put it on my TBR. 🙂

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  4. I enjoyed The Life She Was Given, at times it was difficult to read, but it’s a great book! I’ve been wanting to read Alice Network, with some luck I may just get to it this year. I love mixing up my genres. Usually I bounce between mystery/thriller and historical fiction.

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    • I’m such a mystery/thriller junkie myself. I do love historical fiction and light reads too so….my goal is to mix it up as well.

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    • Really excited about Perfect Nanny, I was hoping Live…Given wasn’t going to be sad, but at least it is good. I did really enjoy Beautiful Lies and the Caine series.

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  5. I think The Alice Network was amazing, I really liked that book. Hard to put down. The Perfect Nanny is also on my list, as are the Rachel Caine novels. My husband and I watched a few episodes of the TV series Under the Dome and it didn’t grab us. Perhaps the book has more tension, that’s usually the case.

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    • Excited for Alice Network and Perfect Nanny (such a pretty cover too)! The Caine series is really good. Under the Dome was good, but way too long in my opinion (1000+) pages!


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