Time For Reading

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetWhat I plan on reading this week…


I am half way finished with Darkness Absolute by Kelley Armstrong (second in the series).  I am liking it more than the first book.  I also have finished the second chunk of Under the Dome by Stephen King (it counts as 3 books in my mind)! So I hope to finish it by the end of January!  Thank goodness for the support of my instagram buddy readers helping me tackle this giant book. I’m hooked now and really enjoying it!  I plan on reading Killman’s Creek with Criminally Good Bk Club (no time last week sigh).  Also will read All The Beautiful Lies by Peter Swanson with the Travelling Sisters Group on Goodreads!  Yikes! Another book of lies….


What I finished…and chunk 2 of UTD



What I bought/downloaded/received…



Hope everyone is having a great January and start to 2018!  I have my new calendar and pack of gelly pens to get me started.  Is anyone participating in any challenges this year?



  1. I’ve seen a lot of friends attempting to read owned books. I have so many as well! I am going to attempt a couple of challenges…we’ll see how that goes…


  2. I’m doing a few challenges for the first time. Other than Goodreads anyhow. 😉 The Netgalley challenge I’m most excited about because I’m hoping it gets me caught up. Wishing you a great year! Happy reading. 💖📚

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  3. I really wanted Sometimes I Lie, so I’ll probably put it on my Amazon Wish List (it will go on sale eventually!).

    As for challenges, I’m doing Goodreads and Beat the Backlist, and then my own personal challenge of reading longer books this year.

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  4. I’m going to start the Classic Club but at the moment I’ve taken an age to select my fifty books. I want to read the Peter Swanson, I’m a big fan of his books and I’m keen to get my hands on a copy of The Wife too.


    • Maybe I saw it on one of your lists. I was reading some blog posts and came across and thought I must read this, but then I couldn’t remember where I saw it. We’ll have to chat about it later!

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  5. The Good Liar looks good. I haven’t read anything from the author yet but I know her previous title, Distress Signals was quite popular.

    As for challenges, this year I want to try and read more of my own books. I haven’t started the year very well though since there are so many good ARCs coming out but I hope to still read my own titles at least one book per month 🙂


  6. It looks like you have some good books coming up. I am participating in monthly challenges on Goodreads and the one I am in for the year is to read my physical books I have on my bookshelves. I will be reading them in alphabetical order. I am on E right now. Have a great 2018.

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