#BookReview: Strangers by Ursula Archer and Arno Strobel @StMartinsPress @MinotaurBooks

                                                  My Review…

34953100A mesmerizing, truth-finding psychological thriller that was both fast-paced and addictive!

The ultimate he said/she said…with alternating narratives. Who to believe? Joanna and her fiance, Erik have been living together and things are going well until a stranger walks through her door one evening! Joanna’s first impulse is to run, hide, or call the police, but

wait….Erik is telling her they are engaged! Erik will try to prove to her that he is telling the truth, but who can she trust?

A lot of clues are scattered along the way, as the story progresses and I was pulled right into the frightening ordeal right alongside them. I was right with Joanna during her chapters and then when it was Erik’s turn, I was right there with him. Feeling their emotions and following their thoughts about all the bizarre happenings!

I enjoyed the frantic tone and fast pace that had me crazy for answers! The suspense builds with each chapter and it was a quick enjoyable book for me.  My rating was a strong 4 stars!

Book Description…


A shocking thriller that explores what happens when mysterious foul play causes a woman not to recognize or remember her fiancé, but forces the couple to trust each other and fight the odds.
Trust or die.

Imagine you’re home alone. Suddenly a man stands before you. He claims to be your fiancé. But you have no idea who he is. And nothing in your home suggests that someone lives with you. He’s talking to you, but nothing makes sense. You’re afraid. And you feel the irresistible urge to attack. Take a knife. Are you crazy?

A woman. A man. The more they try to understand the situation, the more confusing it becomes. Soon they must realize that they are in deadly danger. And there’s only one chance for survival: they must trust each other. Ursula Archer’s and Arno Strobel’s internationally bestselling thriller is a mind-bending must-read.



    • You may have to just throw caution to the wind and have fun reading! I loved it, but does have mixed reviews (as all books do of course). Happy reading friend!


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