Time For Reading

de0f34c3a02e9590b8304dc83a35aa45What I plan on reading this week…

I’m going to continue reading my giant book Under the Dome  . Also joining in with The Criminally Good Book Club to read Killman Creek  by Rachel Caine . Almost finished with Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney and getting ready for Darkness Absolute by Kelley Armstrong with Traveling Sisters Goodreads Book Group.   I’m also still listening to Orphan’s Tale by Pam Jenoff on Hoopla. Just started The Good Liar by Catherine McKenzie.  I have a busy week and quite a few reads going on!


What I finished…


What I bought/received/downloaded…




Hope everyone is having a great start for 2018!  So many new books to look forward to and share. I hope you started the year off with a better book than I did (mine was DNF) YIKES!  Please share if your first read was 5 star!



  1. Thanks Lindsay! Hope you have a good reading week! I can’t remember if we have any reads together (hoping we do!)


    • I sure am enjoying reading with you and the ladies!! I will be joining your read with Killman Creek…yay for 5 stars! Sometimes I Lie …just finished and talk about one Crazy ride! Enjoy….

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  2. I really need to read Stillhouse Lake! I’ve had it since it was published, lol! I hope all your reads are great!! My 1st one of the year was The Woman in the Window, and it was a 4.5 Star for me, yay!! I’m reading Anatomy of a Scandal now, and I’m not sure yet…I’m in a reading slump and can’t get into it! 😦 Too much reading for work and too many things I want to binge on Netflix, hahaha-and I never want to binge Netflix! Not sure what’s going on!! Hope you’re well! 🙂

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    • I enjoyed Stillhouse more than I thought I would. Now, I need to get to book two which I’ve heard is better. I really loved Woman in the Window too! It was fun! I loved Anatomy of a Scandal, but maybe its one of those love/or hate books. Legal thrillers are my favorite. Some of my friends struggled with Anatomy as well, hope it gets better! I kinda miss my Netflix binges…any suggestions? I’m watching nothing.


      • I’ve heard the same about the 2nd book, so I need to make time for it! I love legal thrillers, so I’m sure I’ll love it once I get into it. I’m only on the 2nd chapter, lol!! I started back to work Monday and reading has felt like a chore since then except for 1 or 2 I just finished. Once I get started, I enjoy it, but I feel like I have to make myself read…lol. I think it’s because I have too many ARCs this month and I’m feeling like I won’t get them read and reviewed in time. Ahh!! I need a clone, lol. I binged Mindhunter in a day! It was excellent…great cast, everything..a bit freaky at times since it’s about how the FBI started their behavioral science lab and profiling. The Crown was great too if you like the royals! Just started Luther, and The Killing…both excellent! I may never get any more books read and I’m not a tv person except for Outlander, Scandal, and Grey’s Anatomy lol! Oh, and I just discovered This Is Us on NBC over the holidays and am addicted, but I don’t think it’s on Netflix…so good it had me crying and laughing every show!

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  3. Thanks for the recommendations! I do like the royals! My husband bribes me into watching Netflix with him and it is a nice escape! I really liked Scandal as well. We don’t watch TV, but we do like using Netflix for series. I hear you on the reading. I think it is a distraction thing. We had some sickness at home last week and I was having a hard time concentrating. Stillhouse was a super fast read so I think you’ll fly through it! Hope work is going well and take care!


  4. I hope that you will enjoy Killman Creek as much as I did.I tried to read Little Liar this week but just couldn’t get to it. I have set it aside for a while. I hope to read your review, perhaps I will get more motivation for the book. Did you enjoy it?

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    • Diana it was a DNF at 20% for me. I tried I really did. All that screaming and abuse was giving me a headache.😱


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