#BookReview: White Bodies by Jane Robins @TouchstoneBooks @alfresca


Compulsively creepy and captivating! This novel sent some shivers down my spine and I loved it!  

Is it weird and quirky? Yes

Is it fascinating? Yes

Is it twisted? Yes

Twins Callie and Tilda are close. Callie has always felt the need to “watch after” her sister.  Tilda is a glamorous actress and Callie is much more plain and works in a book shop.  Enter Felix, Tilda’s new love interest.  Felix is successful and has a controlling personality and Callie can’t help but protect her twin sister from his controlling ways.  Just how far will she go?  After all, she is infatuated with her sister.

There are some compulsive behaviors going on here in more ways than one and a conclusion that I wasn’t expecting…

Could it involve murder? Maybe.

I thoroughly enjoyed the way the author slowly developed the obsessive relationship between the sisters and highlights the mind games. I also just loved all the references to book titles, movies and even you tube videos.

I was always happy to pick up where I left off and read on!  If you enjoy psychological thrillers with an eccentric style, you may love this one!

Thank you Touchstone Books for my copy in exchange for my honest review!





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