#BookReview: Just Between Us by Rebecca Drake @AuthorRDrake @StMartinsPress

34964995My Review…

Full of surprises, friendship, stunners, and plenty of wine drinking!

A suspenseful and enjoyable read about a circle of four close girlfriends who find themselves involved in an event that threatens to shatter their lives! It took me a few chapters to “get into” the story, but when I did it was “consuming” me!

The four friends are typical suburban moms raising their families. Heather is the friend who could be envied because she is married to Viktor, a respected surgeon and they live in a beautiful estate. It seems Heather has it all, but wait….why is she hiding bruising on her arms? Is this what is looks like or something else? Why are the friends so quick to judge? Just who has something to hide?

Things begin to escalate and when they do there is NO turning back for these ladies! It is like the ball that starts rolling and you can’t stop it! First one of the friends gets a frantic phone call from Heather at 2:00 AM which sends her flying out of the house and speeding off to Heather’s house!
Her snoopy neighbor may have “spied” her speeding away too. It is not long before the police come knocking and the girlfriends are sweating it!

If you were a fan of Depths of Lies, you might enjoy this one too. It has a bit of everything – humor with the ladies, stunners, and I think it may have a hint of being “a little out there” at times, but I enjoyed the ladies and the quick pace and many stunners! I highly recommend!


Thank you for my wish granted St.Martin’s Press!



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