Time To Read


What I am planning to read this week…

I have started two books – The Vanishing Season by Joanna Schaffhausen ( a police/procedural mystery) and The French Girl by Lexie Elliot (psychological thriller).  I have been interested in both of these so far!  I also plan to read Little Broken Things by Nicole Baart (NG) and Silent Companions by Laura Purcell (EW- A Victorian ghost story!)  Trying to squeeze in The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter (own) if I can manage too!  It will be my first Slaughter book.


What I finished…


Silent Lies was my favorite of these! (Review posted tomorrow).


What I bought/received/downloaded…

I bought City of the Lost  (NEW hardback Amazon 7.19) so I could start this series from the beginning.  She has a new book, This Fallen Prey on NG that I am hoping I get approved for!  I also downloaded Strangers (NG),  Look for Me (EW)  and The English Wife (NG)!  I picked up Worry Less, Live More from a library sale (who can argue with this title!!)  I was able to buy The Night Circus (New paperback paid .69) and Fly Away (new hardback/paid 1.50) from a local thrift store! Super excited as they were both on my radar.  None of my friends will go “book” shopping with me because they say I stay too long!  Well, what do you expect when you find bargains like these!!


I’ve been reading some darker/creepier books and now I feel like a change of pace (soon) and would love to find an awesome romance or romantic suspense novel!  I’ve been browsing, but haven’t “found” it yet.  Let me know if you have a suggestion, please!!



  1. Aren’t Kristin Hannah’s books great romance novels? I’m actually a bit excited that you’ll read a Karin Slaughter novel for the first time :-). I haven’t read this one yet but you can’t go wrong with her :-). Great and interesting titles on your list. Happy reading this week!

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    • Oh thank you Zoe, I’ll look Close Range up! Vanishing Season is actually very good (but still a “serial killer bk) a bit on the darker side, well written.


    • The weather is so nice in Texas today….finally Fall arrived. I did like the book. Hope you also have a lovely day!


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