#Book Review: Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan



2.5 stars
Manhattan Beach takes place in NY during the Great Depression and into World War II. We meet twelve-year old Anna Kerrigan and her father, Eddie. Eddie’s other daughter, Lydia is severely crippled and the family has no money for the wheelchair that she needs. Manhattan Beach is home to a rich gangster, Dexter Styles and Eddie brings Anna to his home, seeking a job that he desperately needs to care for Lydia and his family. Exactly what is Eddie and Dexter’s relationship?

The story moves forward and Anna is 19 years old and hasn’t seen her father for five years when he suddenly disappeared. Anna is now supporting her mother and sister. Anna eventually meets Dexter Styles again and learns much more about her father and his life.

This book was a slow burner and I was hoping for something in the plot to intrigue me enough to become invested in the characters, but it did not. The story seemed to jump from time periods without anything compelling happening. I was bored at times and really didn’t have any reason to keep going except just to finish the book, which I finally did! Easily forgettable, no emotions, no action and no connections.

Arc provided by Edelweiss/Scribner
Publication date of Oct. 3, 2017



    • Actually yes (for a review) I did finish it and it did have potential in the story line (which is why I chose it) One star for me is if I couldn’t even finish a book.

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      • ah. i once wrote a post asking people why they torture themselves reading something they couldn’t stomach. i got a lot of responses, but most said that they were asked to read and review. I used to finish a book that had potential when i was young, but now a days, the book has to grab me from the beginning – or have a strong blurb that i just can’t take off my head.

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  1. Yes, I was reading to do a review! So I was committed to finish. If it was a book that I was reading to enjoy, then yes I do believe I would have put it down. Too little time!


  2. Did the same recently (finished a book from NG that I really didn’t like) and regretted it at the end. Never getting that reading time back. Truthfully, I DNF books I can’t stand, even if it’s an ARC/galley. No promises were made, and usually I have more books from that publisher that I’ll be able to finish, and I’d rather read those. I try to keep my DNF’s to 10-15% of my total ARCs/galleys, and I still get plenty of galleys from those publishers, with no negative feedback from them. A couple of times I’ve gotten an email saying they were sorry I didn’t enjoy it, but they appreciated the honest review. You should feel free to do the same (unless it’s a you thing – I totally get that! Took me forever to feel comfortable DNF’ing anything, even my own books!). 🙂

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    • I think I should probably start doing that- just not finishing it. I just feel like I should give it a chance until the end. I have no problem not finishing if I am not reviewing it though. Its good to know you don’t get negative feedback for it! That is helpful!


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