BookReview: Depth of Lies by E.C.Diskin @ecdiskin

34879620My Review…


4.5 stars / Highly recommend     

Depth of Lies is perfectly titled! It is the perfect suspense mystery who-dunnit! My favorite type of book! Thank you to Melissa for recommending it!

A group of women who have been best friends for years! I felt like they could have all been in my own circle of girlfriends. Housewives meets Angela from Murder She Wrote with Kat playing the role of leading detective!

Shea is the loving friend and mom who is found dead in a hotel bathroom under suspicious circumstances. Kat is her BFF with detective instincts and is determined to get to the bottom of Shea’s demise! It was ruled a suicide, but Kat is not buying it! The other women in the circle are also not convinced Shea would take her own life.

Written in past/present with a few different viewpoints from some of the characters. I was changing my mind alongside Kat as she ponders and digs to reveal what happened to her beloved friend!

Who is lying? Who has a motive? Who can be trusted? Who is having an affair? Why was Shea calling? So many questions, so many lies…

I’ll be picking up the Author’s first book, Broken Grace!
Thank you to NETGALLEY and Thomas and Mercer for the ARC


Book Description…

When Shea Walker, a sunny, easygoing mom, is found dead in a bathtub with a stomach full of booze and pills, the shocking discovery shatters the complacency of her comfortable suburban community.

Kat Burrows, Shea’s longtime friend and former neighbor, is hit hardest. How could a woman she thought she knew so well come to such a sordid end? What could lead happy, well-adjusted, responsible Shea to accidentally overdose on alcohol and narcotics? Or, worse, drive her to suicide?

Compelled to uncover the truth of Shea’s final months, Kat delves beneath the orderly surface of her familiar world to discover a web of thwarted desire, shameful secrets, and shocking betrayal that suggests a scarier explanation for what happened to Shea. As her carefully constructed reality begins to crumble, Kat must question every reassuring assumption her life is built upon to solve the mystery…and summon the courage and resourcefulness to survive it.




  1. Great review Holly. I have read and reviewed this book and I loved it. I felt like part of the group. Kat was my favorite, she went out of her way to get to the bottom of it all. And the best part of it is you don’t know who did it until the very end.

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