Time To Read

What I am reading this week…


I have already started reading 2 books this week.  One is Cold Blood by Robert Bryndza and the other one is The Nightingale by Kristin Higgins. I started reading it today and it is so good, all I can think about is reading more of it!  I also plan to read or start Don’t Let Go by Harlan Coben.

What I finished…

What I downloaded…(both from Edelweiss) and I bought My Husband’s Secret by Lianne Moriarty




I’m trying to not to buy books this week because I have so many that I need to read.  (LOL that has never stopped me before).



  1. I’ll be interested to hear what you thought of Little Fires and Don’t Let Go! I’ve had The Nightingale on my kindle for a couple years and still haven’t read it, that’s definitely one I want to try to find out if it lives up to all the 5 star reviews!

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    • I am feeling like The Nightingale will also be on my favorites list! Little Fires is good although it wasn’t a 5 star for me like many of my goodreads friends rated it.

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      • I really just need people to pay me to read books and talk about them or write about them. I could get so many more books read if I didn’t have to actually go to work for at least 44 hours out of my week, lol.


  2. I recently read The Nightingale and absolutely loved it. I hope that you will too and I loved Cold Blood. DCI Erika Foster is one of my favorite series.

    Have a wonderful week and happy reading 🙂

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