#Book Review: Love and Other Consolation Prizes by Jamie Ford @JamieFord @Ballantine Books

33566868I really enjoyed this book that was inspired by a true story involving an orphaned half-Chinese boy. I’ve always been drawn to stories involving orphans and their unique persp
ectives on life. One of the settings is the World’s Fair in Seattle and I can’t resist anything involving ferris wheels and space needles!

Ernest Young clings to his mother’s hairpin, the only remnant he has to remind him of his mother who has given him away.He endures a horrific boat ride to America where he finds himself bounced from the poor house to a boarding school and eventually “the prize” in a raffle at the World’s Fair. It sounds so sad and it is, but Ernest is someone who makes lemonade out of lemons (and he has plenty of lemons).

He is only twelve years old, when he realizes that once again his life is in jeopardy as the winning raffle ticket number is called out at the fair. He had lost hope in being adopted long ago and felt he wasn’t Chinese or White enough to be wanted by either group. He is told “the raffle winner is taking you home with them.” This is a wonderful story about loss, morality, self-identity and survival. The dual story line follows Ernest from a young boy to an older adult.

My arc was provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Publication date is September 12,2017.


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