#BookReview : The Missing Twin by Alex Day @alexdaywriter @KillerReads

Fantastic! Stunning Read!!

A stunning thriller that kept me on my toes looking out for clues throughout! Heartbreaking and compelling on many levels.

Edie and Laura are identical twins. Edie has been working for 3 months (the longest she has held a job) at a small beach resort with two dozen cabanas among the olives. It is beautiful with sea views and plunge pools. Laura shows up one night and they end up at a bar. They drink vodka and party with some men. The next morning when Edie wakes up, Laura hasn’t returned. Is Laura starting a new relationship with one of the men? Why hasn’t she called? Something doesn’t feel right to Edie. Could Laura be in danger or is she being paranoid? Who is lying ? Edie’s life is about to change.

Miles away in a bomb ridden country ravaged by war, Fatima and her very young twin daughters are about to face unspeakable circumstances. Their welfare is at stake and Fatima faces some disturbing and very devastating abuses herself. Fatima’s life is about to change.

How do these two very different stories connect? How will they come together? Who will survive?

I would recommend this book if you enjoy a compelling, emotional and on going puzzle of a read! I didn’t connect all the dots, but did have some inklings that were cleverly placed throughout! I rated it 5 stars! The publication date is August 18, 2017.



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