Time To Read

What I’m reading this week…

I have started a new Netgalley review book The Accident by S.D. Monahag.  It is a mystery/thriller.  I’ve only read about 10% so far and it has started off with a BANG!  No slow burn here.  I am hoping for a good page-turner!  I also picked up a new book from the library, The Slade House by David Mitchell, but I DNF it.  I read over 100 pages and I really wasn’t connecting to the story or the characters so I decided to give up on it!   I am starting Missing Pieces by Heather Gudenkauf with my Goodreads Book Club today! I am half way finished with my audio book from last week Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens. I am enjoying it, but wasn’t able to listen as much as I normally do because I had a lot of projects going on at my house.  I purchased Mary Kubica’s new book Every Last Lie.  This will be my third Mary Kubica novel and I am hoping I enjoy it more than the other two I read.


What I finished…






What I Purchased…





My Wish List…

I am hoping to find/read a book about/with an old haunted or creepy house/mansion.  I would love any suggestions!!  Please not too graphic/horror though (I’m too squeamish) Lol.




  1. I have The Accident coming up soon so it’s great to hear it starts with a bang! Looking forward to read it now. I hope you’ll have a great week and happy reading!


  2. The girl before by J P Delany should be called One Folger Street. It’s about a very spooky house and
    the people who designed it and lived in it. I loved it. The house is the main actor. Check it out.

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    • Thank you Luccia! That is so funny because I have borrowed The Girl Before twice from the library, but never got around to reading it! Thanks for the nudge, this time I’ll put it on the top of my list!

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