#Book Review: Aunt Dimity & the Widow’s Curse by Nancy Atherton @VikingBooks / #cozymystery



I listened to the audio version and totally enjoyed all the English accents of all the gossipy residents of the village of Finch. This was a fun, light cozy mystery which is #22 in the series. This was my first and worked just fine as a stand-alone. I will definitely read some more.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed the book. I was very skeptical I must say, but no fear! I especially enjoyed the character of Annabelle Cravens, an elderly demure and seemingly angelic neighbor. I also enjoyed the quilting bee that was held at a schoolhouse. Mrs Cravens was described as “quilting like she was possessed!” She was chatting with Lori Shepard when she blurted out that she had murdered her husband.

Lori begins her quest to learn the truth about Mrs. Cravens and all her dead husbands. Is there really such a thing as a “widows curse?”

If you want a light read with a cast of enjoyable characters, I think you would enjoy this one.  I gave it 4 stars. Published May 30, 2017




    • This was my first, and I ordered one of the earlier ones as well. I really did fall for the characters!


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