#Book Review: Exposed by Lisa Scottoline @LisaScottoline @STMartinsPress

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This is a great legal thriller!  Mary DeNunzio is back in number 5 in the series (Rosato & DeNunzio).  She has agreed to represent Simon, an old friend of hers in a lawsuit against his employer.  Simon believes that he was wrongfully fired and that his company doesn’t want to pay his families increasing insurance premiums. Simon’s daughter is only four years old and has been diagnosed with cancer. Mary’s partner Bennie confronts her and asks her to drop the case due to a conflict of interest.

Mary is loyal to Simon and won’t agree to drop his case no matter what.  She soon discovers something more sinister and dangerous surrounding Simon. Could he be in danger?  If you love a fast paced thriller with a great plot, plenty of action and suspense right up to the end, then I would definitely recommend this book.  I love legal thrillers and this one gets 4 stars!




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