I was immediately 32993412swept up into the world of Olivia Sweetman, a wife and mother of three, a successful career woman and author of a new bestseller titled Anabel. The book is based on a Victorian diary of Annabel Burley whose personal life is sensational and who paved the way for women in the medical field.

Enter the not so elegant Vivian, who is socially awkward, lonely, plain and bitterly jealous. She is the private secretary, manager, housekeeper, caretaker, and trustee of Manor Ileford. She also holds all the cards when it comes to having access to the diary Olivia so desperately needs to complete her book. She also has a fondness towards creepy crawlies (beetles). She possesses a certain creepiness in her own behavior. Vivian is a master of using silence as her weapon of choice. Revenge is eating away at her and she is about to become unhinged. What has she done?

An insanely creepy, addictive page turner that draws you in until you are so absorbed that not a single distraction will pull you away! I give this one all 5 stars!

Holly B.



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