#Book Review: The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmon @michellerichmon @randomhouse @Bantam Books

WOW! This was a fantastic read. I loved the fast pace and suspense. It was very clever and had me on the edge throughout.
Some of the “pact” rules – 1. When your spouse calls answer 2. exchange thoughtful gifts monthly 3. plan a trip together once a quarter 4. NEVER mention the PACT to anyone.

The adorable newlywed couple Jake and Alice are professionals and eager to start their lives together. As a wedding gift, they receive a mysterious gift. Later, they learn of the contents and end of signing a contract that forever changes their lives.

The Pact…..an exclusive group? ….a club?……a cult?????

Jake, “What can they do, cart us off to marriage jail?” Dave, “You don’t leave the pact and the pact doesn’t leave you.” “No one leaves alive, that is” Alice, “Jake, I’m scared.” Jake, “We have to find a way out.”

The author delivers a thrilling mysterious ride that I won’t forget for awhile!
I absolutely loved the book. For now, bye friend. (The club members refer to each other as “friend” and not by name.I rated this book 5/5 stars.
Thanks Michelle Richmond and netgalley for my arc. Publication date is July 25, 201781 likes



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