#BookReview When You Disappeared by John Marrs @johnmarrs1


July 12,2017


A character driven family drama psychological thriller that drew me in from the very first pages! I have to be careful not to give away any spoilers here. The pace and flow are perfection and the writing never boring. You will be turning pages quickly!

It follows a married couple Catherine and Simon. Simon loves her and their children very much. One morning Catherine wakes up to find Simon “missing”. He has not gone for his usual jog (running shoes are beside the bed) and he has not made it into the office either (keys are on the desk). As the day progresses, Catherine is sick with worry that something sinister has happened to her beloved husband!

The story progresses into an intense, and sometimes troubling spiral of events that are all triggered by a mans selfishness and the monster that it eventually creates. I was easily drawn in and captivated by the writing and never knew where the story was going or the twists and turns that were coming. Never predictable and surprising all the way up to the harrowing conclusion!

Thank you to the author for allowing me the opportunity to read this book in return for my honest review!! I will be eagerly anticipating his next brilliant novel! I can’t wait!
Publication date is July 13, 2017 according to Goodreads and Netgalley states Publication date is Sept. 7,2017 .



    • Yes, this was his first book from 2013 (it was self-published as The Wronged Sons) and has been re-named and will be published soon! Its really good, but different from The One. I hope you get to read both Tina! I was totally hooked!


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