Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica


July Book Review: Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica /
Review date July 12,2017
Audio book

This story is told from three POV – Heidi (the charitable wife), Chris (Heidi’s husband), and Willow (the teen-age homeless girl with a baby). The narration is good and invokes intense emotions. This is a psychological thriller heavy on family drama.

Heidi befriends and eventually brings Willow and her baby Ruby to stay in her home. The problem is she doesn’t really know anything about Willow or her past. Her husband seems concerned, but he is distracted with other things going on. There was a twist in the end, but it took to long to reveal and was predictable (for me).

The story unfolded slow and steady to reveal how each characters past impacted and shaped their lives. The pace was too slow for me and I wanted to fast forward the story and give me something “more” to pull me into the story. Those who like reads with in depth insight into family drama should like this one.  For me, it was a 3 star read.



  1. It sounds like there is potential for solid character development with the pacing, but predictability is always a downfall for me. I also struggle with plots like this where it seems unrealistic. I suppose I would have to read this to really put it in perspective, but the idea of bringing this girl and child into the home seems like a stretch. Excellent write up of one that did not quite meet the mark.

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    • I may have enjoyed the physical book more. I just picked up her latest Every Last Lie…so we shall see. I have seen mixed reviews, but I have high hopes!


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