2017 Spring Reviews…


LIAR by K.L. Slater (Netgalley)


Reviewed on May 29, 2017 /Publication date is June 16, 2017

*****WARNING…..Very Addictive Read!!

I loved every second of it. Very clever from start to finish. A twisted battle between a mother in law and a soon to be daughter in law. We have a controlling and obsessive mother named Judi who wraps her own life around her son Ben and his 2 boys. Ben is a widow and enjoys the comfort Judi gives to him and his sons. That is until he meets Amber. Amber is the new conniving girlfriend who wants Judi out of their lives.

Who is the liar?? Ben is being torn between his mom and his new love. What is he to think? Who is he to believe?

The tide is turning and Judi smiles to herself. “How I have hated this woman. Hated her for so long and yet now I feel nothing.”

Completely blown away and not expecting the conclusion at all. Can’t wait to read more from K.L. Slater.

 Into the Light by Aleatha Romig

Reviewed on June 21,2017

I love this author’s writing and the way she brings you right into the story like your part of it.

Captivating & Perfectly Paced …. I was unable to pull myself away from this book for very long! I was so enthralled that I literally lost track of time.

I don’t want to say much because it could spoil all the surprises and happenings that caught me off guard.

Memory is a very precious thing!

Here is an excerpt from page 34 : Sara “The doctors words brought my reality back with a vengeance. I was at the mercy of these people, people I couldn’t see or remember. People with frightening tones, rules, and decrees. I clenched my teeth and searched my memory for anything. Anything to confirm that I belonged here or anything to confirm that I didn’t.”

I have 3 other books I need to read, but I’m really wanting to dive into Away From the Dark (Book Two of The Light Series) which of course I’ve already purchased!

Don’t Wake Up  by Liz Lawler

Reviewed on May 5,2017 / Publication date May 25,2017

This book gripped me from the first page! Alex is the main character. She wakes up blinded by bright lights and discovers that she is in her own hospital and her body is covered in drapes. Her arms tied down with velcro. She freezes when she discovers that she is naked and her ankles are held up in stirrups.

Very mysterious circumstances. Someone in a surgical gown is handling surgical instruments. Alex asks him “What is wrong with me.” He replies in his creepy voice, “nothing is wrong with you.”

I loved this thriller and the pacing is very good and some of the scenarios are pretty terrifying (waking up naked with your feet in stirrups and some creepy guy walking around)!!



  1. […] Holly@ Dressed to Read: Holly has been only blogging since May, just like me, so we are both new to the book blogging community! We just began following each other over the past couple of days, but we have already chatted a couple of times and realized we have similar tastes in books. Holly’s blog has great book reviews, she has excellent taste in books, and she gives wonderful recommendations for audiobooks to listen to when you’re at the gym or like me walking (or sometimes lying on my couch pretending I went for a walk). […]


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