The Widow of Wall Street by Randy Susan Meyers

30753736May 22, 2017

I really enjoyed this financial fast paced and addictive read! If you liked The Firm, you’ll like this one too.

It follows Phoebe and Jake who meet as teenagers and end up getting married. The story continues until after their children are grown and he lands himself in prison.

Phoebe also has a love interest with one of her college professors. Rob, “You are the satin of youth and I must possess you.” This isn’t going to turn out well!

After marrying Jake, Phoebe wonders constantly about whether her mother would ever be proud of her. Her mother, Lola, concerning Jake “All he talked about was who owned what house, what boat, etc.” Do you think Jake could be a bit greedy??

Phoebe becomes suspicious about Jake’s exclusive “finance club” and tries to figure out his bullshit (her words).

And then it all falls apart….. a story about what we really “value” in life. Greed is a vicious thing!



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