The Secrets She Keeps by Micheal Robotham


May 26, 2017 / RELEASE DATE IS JULY 11,2017     Now on my 2017 FAVORITES LIST!


This is a super suspenseful psychological thriller set in London. Two women are pregnant. Two women who have lives that couldn’t be more opposite. Pregnant Meghan has perfect hair, perfect teeth, and the perfect marriage! Pregnant Agatha ,on the other hand, has no husband , no children and stocks shelves in a grocery store while dreaming of a life like that of Meghan. Agatha has no wealth or beauty.

Lies,lies,lies….they have such a way of weaving an intricate web of deceit! The truth is so much easier to remember, but too late for that.

One day Meghan’s husband Jack ,who is out of town, calls and asks her to retrieve a business card from one of his pockets. While searching through pockets, she comes across a folded sheet of paper. It has a mobile phone number and someone has pressed a lipstick kiss next to it.

Agatha wants so very much to be like Meghan. She tells herself “This is a one time operation. I cannot turn back now.” Agatha has set her plan into motion.

Michael Robotham has written one of the most unforgettable novels I’ve ever read! My thoughts are what drives us through life? Is it ambition? motivation? jealousy? fate? our past? Yes, our past matters.


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