The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer


Why was this so long??? I’m not sure why this book was so long because I would have enjoyed it much more and the story could have been much more exciting in fewer pages. I don’t mind a longer book as long as it engages and this one did not.

I liked that the main character, Alex, was female and a bit of a James Bond type with hidden blades in her heels and syringes full of something to make her enemies talk. She does get into a romantic relationship and they go “on the run” together. I couldn’t really imagine her falling for him though as he seemed too nerdy for her.

There was some action that kept the story going, but overall it was “a bit too boring for me”.




  1. I cracked up reading this review because it’s the same thing I say every time I read one of Stephanie Meyer’s books. It seems like all of her novels ramble. Her short fic is good, though.


  2. I agree with Linn. The only books that held my attention were the Twilight books. I have the Host and I could not get through it. The movie to me is way better than the actual book.


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